Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Sitting in a meeting this afternoon with the BBerry buzzing away on
silent every 15 mins; something was going on. When the meeting ended a
quick look at the phone was all it took to secure the next
destination. Having worked some fairly horrendous hours recently and
the meeting being away from base the birding gear was packed in the
boot so no hesitation South Ron here I come. Over the barriers another
crane hopeful was in the rear mirror as we headed south. For once I
arrived with the bird in view and I got all of 3 minutes before it up
and flew, not quite clinching views I felt though. Fortunately a very
sharp eyed observer found the beast lying down in small group of Geebs
and after a trudge along the track. A serious Orkney soaking in the
downpour excellent views were obtained. A chat with a local indicated
it might have been here for two weeks and I'd searched these very
fields on Saturday - not well enough clearly. So Sandhill Crane you're
twitched. Thanks to PH for perseverence in the rain finding it.
However back to normal form later as I dipped the Yank Plover, that's
more like it.

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