Saturday, 7 November 2009

House list

One female Scaup - PDC

The traditional house list is what is seen from the house and garden so... scoping somewhat distant Loch Harray added Slavonian Grebe and Long-tailed Duck, pretty good "garden" species. Earlier a Chiff had flitted around the front and 15 Siskin had paused in the Sycamores before flying through.

Last night's excursion into Kirkwall found that the curry house is not just good but really rather fine, a worrying experiment following "worst curry in the world" experience in Banff not so long ago. Bit of a relief. So what with two decent micro-breweries life's essentials are currently secure. Tea is the only commodity "I can't live without" that it is proving difficult to source something of drinkable quality. T'internet may be required for this mission. The wine arrived today, double the carriage cost but a pretty prompt service, ordering large quantities would seem to be the solution :-)

Birsay this morning was as lively as ever, a Grey Plover, a fine addition to my Orkney list.

Fantastic evening sunset and sea at Marwick.


bitterbonxie said...

They're the business, Alastair. And for coffee,



Alastair said...


Thank you.