Sunday, 11 April 2010

Sunny, sunny, sunny

I know I'm being incompetent here, help please, don't know this one.

Lesser Cellandine

Small Tortoiseshell

More lesser Cellandine

The morning started well with moth trapping success:
Hebrew Character, 27; Clouded Drab, 1; and annoying moth I can't ID, 1 (pic posted).

Then scanning from the garden turned up Black-tailed Godwit, 1; Spotted Redshank, 1; Gadwall (a pair) on the Shunan (a pair of Shoveler turned up there later): Red-breasted Merganser, 5; Shoveler, a pair and various other bits and bods on Loch of Bosquoy; star turn though was a Red-throated Diver on Loch Harray, also another more distant and unidentified diver.

Sitting in the sunny garden produced three Small Tortoiseshell butterflies and one large bumblebee that shot off before I could ID it.

Various child conveying duties led to a stop at Loch Harray on the way home in the evening with the trout leaping and brief but close views of an Otter.

The composting bins are in and a quite neat path is partially constructed so we don't get wet feet when emptying the recycling bins.

Currently the moth trap looks to be filling up nicely, slightly different location from last night, we'll see what that brings.


Stewart said...

Do you have any clearer pics Alastair? It looks like a Hebrew but without the marks!

AndyC said...

Very interesting,looks like an Orthosia but carnt put a name to it.Might be worth sending it to local recorder.

Stewart said...

Hi again Alastair. Ive looked some more at your moth against the books. The more I look the more its like a Hebrew Character but with restricted dark marks. If not I'm totally beat. Show me some birds, I can do them!

Alastair said...

Thanks guys. Glad I'm not as naff at this as I think I am. I have kept this animal and will try and do some better pix tomorrow. I don't think it's Hebrew, it's a good bit bigger. I had a hebrew today, very worn with much reduced marks.

AndyC said...

Rannoch sprawler is highly unlikley but it has a few simalarities