Sunday, 6 June 2010

Last night's moths

I haven't had the trap out for a while, partly because I was getting bored with the haul of Hebrew Character and nothing much else and also because of circumstance and it being a bit cool. However, conditions were good last night and it was well worth the effort. Now of course I'm struggling to ID the catch. Any help gratefully received, TIA.

Pebble Prominent - smart

White Ermine - northern colour form

I think this is Sandy Carpet - very pretty

This is The Shears, thanks Andy and Julian. (Could this be Barrett's Marbled Coronet? I haven't researched this very carefully at this stage, I think it's too big for Lychnis or Grey?)

Common Pug var. vulgata

Initial list:

Sandy Carpet - 6
Brimstone Moth - 1 (no pic cos it escaped)
Common Pug var vulgata- 1
White Ermine - 12
Pebble Prominent - 1
The Shears - 1


AndyC said...

Sandy Carpets are smart not seen them before,It looks like The Shears(2147)

Alastair said...

You're just ahead of me there Andy, took it along to another mother this after' and that was our conclusion too. Thanks. Sandy Carpet is a species moving north I think. Just discovered that there's an Orkney moth discussion group, hopefully get myself admitted. What I need is an up-to-date list of Orkney moths, it would help the ID a whole bundle. There is a Highland list on the web but even that is not ideal. Thanks again for your help ... any ideas about the pug, is that OK?

AndyC said...

Pugs are a different ball game ,there are a few that are easy ie v pug, green pug,fox glove etc.but the rest you HAVE to do a look at the male abdominal plates other wise you carnt be sure and should put PUg sp.

Alastair said...

OK, thanks. The little b escaped as I was trying to put it in a petri dish. I'm told that there is a copy of "British Pugs" in the Stromness bookshop (what are the chances of that?). I'll take local advice as to what to do with these if I catch any more. I seem to recall having this problem with odd looking pugs in North Yorkshire.

AndyC said...

british and Irish pugs is brilliant by Riley and Prior.and will show you all you need to know about pus but you will still have to check the abdominal plates to be 100%.