Monday, 7 June 2010

More chicks, more moths

Brimstone Moth

Progress down the track came to a halt yesterday as Shelduck pair and six chicks had right of way. A stop this morning by the Black-headed Gull colony on the way to work found quite well grown chicks there too. Oystercatcher, Curlew and Lapwing were all into aggressive distraction display late afternoon as I walked back down the track.

My attempts to get Sedgie on the garden list are showing progress but so far no bananas. The specially imported wind up model (song-flight version) has lured one to the Shunan hawthorn hedge but sadly it's an introvert, singing persistently quietly from deep in the cover. Meanwhile the Bosquoy bird continues to choose a song post which is just out of sight from the garden - darn!

Moth trapping last night included some interesting micros, I'll give them a go, as well as:

White Ermine - 8
Brimstone Moth - 1
Sandy Carpet - 6 (and one this after' by The Shunan)
Garden Carpet - 2
Common Pug (pug sp) - 1
The Shears - 1
Flame Shoulder - 2
Silver Y - 1
(a yet unID sp), see below. Lychnis - 1
1126 Ancylis badiana - 4

+ various other micros

Flame Shoulder

Garden Carpet

Not sure about this one (and above). It looks like The Shears again, but I had one of them and it was smaller than this, doesn't seem quite right, bit confused (no it's not The Confused). Lychnis.

About 8mm

1126 Ancylis badiana

1184 Epiblema scutulana?

Help with any of the unidentified will be greatly appreciated, thanks.


AndyC said...

Noctuid looks like Lychins

Julian said...

I'd agree with the Lychnis. Nice micros - I'd leave them as either "nice" or "pretty" for the time being.

Alastair said...

Yes I'm sure you're correct with this guys, Lychnis. I thought it was too big but Townsend and Waring give it quite a size range, I should have measured it though as I think it was more like a 20mm forewing, or even larger.