Thursday, 29 July 2010

Dippy, dippy doo

Car needed to go to the garage and as we were going to the airport I set off first to make the garage type arrangements; wrong, bad, naff thing to do! Louise sets off and gets just on to the track and sees a "large gull with sticks sticking out of its tail with lumps on the end", thanks dear, another dip. The Pom even made airspace (I'm told) as it cut through the edge of the garden at low level. Presciently enough I'd had the thought, about Long-tails though, when I watched a couple of Arctics scoot through The Shunan yesterday. My consolation prize was an Arctic low through the garden later on when we got back.

Down the hill managed to prove Little Grebe breeding on Bosquoy and there are nine Black-tailed Godwits of the Icelandic race on The Shunan.

Yesterday evening we went to an excellent gig at The Reel, Twelfth Day, highly recommended.

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