Thursday, 15 July 2010

Sooty? Or sleepy

I looked at the weather at 06.05 and aborted my planned trip to Westray this morn. Good tactic as it turned out - 3 extra hours in bed and a garden tick. Venturing out once the rain had stopped (to dig the greenhouse foundations) two Swifts flew over the house and a Greenshank called repeatedly from The Shunan.

On the tern track a visit to the Birsay Arctic colony, fingers crossed, drew a rare tern blank but ... two fledged juveniles, excellent(ish) so 40-50 pairs have reared 2 young to flying. The numbers of loafing terns has decreased dramatically, there were significantly fewer terns (20 ish) compared to yesterday even, let alone the 170 of a fortnight or so ago.

Two Arctic Skuas and a few cruising Bonxies - no doubt these two species are completely beggared this year. I would be amazed if they have fledged any young.

Back at home no sign of any of the hoed for crossbills, I'd better put out more attractive food ..

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