Saturday, 2 April 2011


Children's party in Kirkwall, so after present buying and delivery I was free for four hours hunting on East Mainland. Not much wind so a quick trip to Bay of Sandoyne for relatively little reward, 4 GNDs and a sum plum Slavonian Grebe, primroses were flowering here. Not too much at Ayre's Loch, a nice sum plum Red-throated Diver and same again and 2 GNDs at No1 Barrier. But trusty Redbanks layby delivered the goods again in the shape of a very smart male Surf Scoter, a good number of Velvets (9 or so) and one Common Scoter. The combined count of Great Northern Divers between these two sites was 37 ( a minimum). Good birding.

Back at the ranch, scrutiny of The Shunan produced a nice male Gadwall.

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