Sunday, 29 May 2011

Chicks and Ringed Plovers and other stuff

Shelduck with 8 chicks on The Shunan on Friday and Curlew with four there yesterday. Two Ringed Plovers today but not much else to report locally.

Reports of Black Kites and Red-backed Shrikes sent me skuttling over to the East mainland this afternoon for a brief sortie. To no avail, but I had too little time really. I did find the largest flock of Ringed Plover I've ever seen though, 406 with another 14 nearby. I am guessing these are Greenland birds delayed by the strong south-westerly winds we've been having. Interestingly lots of them are feeding on stubble fields.

Someone found my notebook and took it south but I have their email address so hopefully it will be returned shortly...

Really enjoyed Southern Tenant Folk Union and the Halton Quartet over at The Hope on Thursday, thanks for the ticket JB (I still owe you for the raffle). Emily Smith was excellent at Harray last night, just the set was far too short.

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