Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Kame of Corrigall

This morning I went up the Kame of Corrigall, the moorland hill just behind our house. It was a beautiful morning. Not too many birds to report there but interesting enough.

 This is the peat road which cuts through the moor, the way folk used to go up to their peat cutting spots. It must have taken a fair effort to drive this through as it's cut quite deep into the moor in places.

 View from the top, Old Nisthouse is amongst the houses and buildings with the trees to the mid-right

There are good numbers of Oystercatchers breeding on the edge of the moor and the pasture

 Hares were playing in the fields as I got back to home

A Tree Sparrow reappeared in the garden at late lunch again, makes me believe they are having a go at breeding somewhere not too far away.

The forecast wind and rain appeared at lunchtime and it's blowing a hoolie now, sunny again at the moment, hopefully the greenhouse will survive.

Hard to believe that The Bob will be seventy on Tuesday, small tribute in the side panel.

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Nick Carter said...

Been having a few computer problems here (or perhaps more likely "operator error") did you get any of my e mails?