Sunday, 1 May 2011

Lapwing chicks

The Shunan, everything's gone yellow

Marsh Marigold

Not so much to report today except the first brood of Lapwing chicks were running around on Shunan mud this morning.

The Tree Sparrows did not reappear in the garden but were heard by The Shunan in the afternoon, perhaps migrants over or the same birds mooching around.

This pair of Pied Wagtails are prospecting by the burn

We went for a swim in the sea, not very warm. Scooting around on the boards was ok but when I tried snorkling I wished I hadn't, head got rather cold, rather quickly. Scooting around in the sea might not have been the best plan, this was filmed yesterday from just over the water near Thurso (movie taken though an SLR standard lens, the beasts were 20ft away at times apparently. - come my way soon.

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