Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Ring-necked Ducks

I'd left my phone at home charging when we went down to Fungus (the pony) I'd wandered along Loch of Harray (Short-eared Owl and various bits and bats). Fortunately I checked my phone not too long after we got back: Two Ring-necked Ducks, Loch of Bosquoy, with the Tufted. I checked from the garden and couldn't see the Tufted. Under the wall.

Down at the Loch by 9.45 or so and the light was still easily good enough to pick out the two drakes. A bit disappointed I didn't find them, slightly worried I might have seen them from the garden the other day and passed them off as moulting Tufties, it is a long way away though. Excellent birds to add to this real purple patch.

American sparrow come to my feeders

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Nick Carter said...

How many birders will have RN Duck on their garden list, not many I'll bet :)