Saturday, 8 October 2011

Napolean Bonaparte

I'd not been able to go for the Boney on Thursday but a clear diary on Friday afternoon meant I could leave shortly after four. Arriving at the barriers shortly before five I searched the Graemeshall shores and the Barley field to no avail. The gull roost off Holm looked interesting though so I persevered with that and bingo! Nice adult Boney, the lack of black on the underwing is a real giveaway in flight.

The flushing assistant

Today I had a long tramp with my flushing assistant in the morning which found me nice numbers of  Pochard and Curlew, the Golden Plover flock and five Scaup. But failed to find the hoped for Jack Snipe.

Wildfowl on Bosquoy

Back at the ranch a Mealy Redpoll fed briefly on docks before disappearing. There was an early afternoon trickle of Swallows east and Chaffinch, Redwing, Robin all showed. Late afternoon there was a Wheatear on the track.

 Loch of Bosquoy

 The rookery trees

Squall passing

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