Sunday, 1 January 2012

2011 post-script

A tantalising lifer was found on 30th December and the site is within view of the kitchen, problem is it's across the sea. A Gyr Falcon was found by members of Orkney Climbing Club on the top of Ward Hill, Hoy; there's a photo, it looks good. On the same day a possible Hume's was in crop at the Ring of Brogdar, also within view of the kitchen; somehow I missed the posting on this or I would have looked for it yesterday.

The last bird of 2011 was a Short-eared Owl flushed from the ditch by the track as we returned yesterday evening, there was another as well around the byres, but I missed it.

Gyr Falcon or Hume's would be a nice kick-off for 2012, let's see what the year brings. Happy New Year and good birding to regular readers, and others who stubble across this blog.

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