Saturday, 13 October 2012

Fall of thrushes (NRon)

A pretty impressive fall, mostly of thrushes, 250 Blackbirds, 110 Song Thrushes, 650 Redwing and just 9 Fieldfare, with three Ring Ouzel. Other nice things were four Woodcock, one seen in the hand; a Jack Snipe seen in the hand; and a good fall of Brambling, nearly 200 in total probably. Two Short-eared owls (not common here). I managed to walk past the AGP without seeing it....

Most of the fall was between the west sheep dyke and the sea, it would almost seem that birds were blown right across the island and just stopped in the shelter of the dyke ending up in the drink. Plenty of Song Thrushes and Blackbirds were on the rocks on the beach

 Goldcrest on a tiny patch of grass under the dyke. There were just a few Goldcrest today but they were mostly in the dykes (walls)

Barnacle Geese flew by

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