Saturday, 6 October 2012


Well it's not very exciting at the moment. Lots of ducks on Loch of Bosquoy, I counted 805 Pochard today, that's quite a few. There were also 11 Scaup, 400 Teal and various other bits and bats.

Yesterday in Kirkwall there was a Velvet Scoter on the PDC, also there at least three White Wagtails.

A Buzzard nearly made the "in the garden" list today, just 30m short, seen from the kitchen as well, not a common bird in this part of Orkney. Usual Hen Harrier hanging around but not much evidence of thrushes doing much, 19 Blackbirds on Thursday afternoon were the best so far.

Rooks on posts down the track

I'll try and get up for a bit of a seawatch tomorrow morning as its been quite a healthy NWerly in the later stages of today.

 Here come the Pinkies

Harray kirk

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