Saturday, 22 December 2012

It is an island...

I've barely stepped outside the door today, horrible south-easterly force 6-7 and increasing with rain, dark and nasty. I managed to fill the feeders and that's about it. And the Tree Sparrow was grateful. A male hen Harrier few across the track as we drove down.

During the week Louise had a Waxwing on the apples on Wednesday and Thursday, there were some in Kirkwall so I guess the south-easterly has brought a few in. I was hoping to have a look at the Stenness redpolls today, that will have to be postponed until the wind drops and the rain stops.

 Track as burn

Bubbling out of the ground

At least we have food and fuel. The Aberdeen ferries have been canceled, but most likely the ones across the Firth will get going again later tomorrow or Monday. Louise went and stocked up on fruit and veg today. No need for a plane full of food here at the moment. It does bring home that it is quite an isolated spot though.

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