Saturday, 8 December 2012

Windy, wet and stuff to do

Knackered at the moment so didn't get out til 11 and then it was rather half-hearted. However, a walk around the garden and nearby fields produced a large female Sparrowhawk, a Woodcock and a huge flock of 121 Linnets, probably the largest flock I've recorded on the patch. Also present were the Tree Sparrow, a Chaffinch and a Mute Swan on The Shunan. The Woodcock was flushed from the field edge by the neighbour's and then flew around restlessly for about twenty minutes, at one point just over my head as I stood outside the kitchen.

Later on whilst walking the hound, in what became dire weather, something scuttled across the bottom of the track when we got near the road, it might well have been a Water Rail, which would be a patch tick.

Bit of an epic going to fetch and bring back the hay, reversing the horse box (borrowed) which I'd never towed before, was fun, not. Reversing it into a farmyard in the dark with the girls giving "instructions". Then getting it back, more reversing, and having a massive fight to unhitch it - considerable verbal exclamation! Anyway, 20 bales safe home, should keep the ponies chewing for a while. Should be easier next time. (Louise singing concert and practice which is why it fell to me..)

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