Sunday, 27 January 2013

Foot It 100% + 3

Almost no birding yesterday but today once the rain cleared I was out and about.on foot again. A hunt for Woodcock again and Song Thrush failed so into the fields to look for the Linnet flock, a flock a field or so down the hill, raise the bins, Snow Buntings, brilliant! I've only seen Snow Bunt on the patch once before in three and a half years. This was a flock of about 45 too. Nice.

Then, despite excluding the moor from my original Foot It spec I decided to go for Red Grouse. The hound was delighted at this decision and decided to spend 25 minutes chasing rabbits and hareas and repeatedly disappearing over the horizon. Eventually recaptured we headed for the likely spot, and probably due to my reticence to let her off the lead we failed to find a grouse. But a bonus bird was collected on the way home, a four and then a two Meadow Pipits. Foot It total 61.

Around the feeders today there were 34 Greenfinch, Tree Sparrow and two Goldfinch. Both male and female Hen Harrier were seen in surrounding fields and, awkward to find this time of year, six Snipe were flushed.

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