Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Getting the shopping out of the car on Saturday afternoon I did something horrible to my back, birding currently reduced to mooching about at home. A Robin on Saturday morning indicated a bit of movement. On Monday there were two Chaffinch, and Woodpigeon and Song Thrush were singing. On Tuesday Bramblings were up to 14 and the tilling and drilling in the surrounding fields produced Lesser Black-backed Gull 3, a pretty lowly total compared to last year if my memory serves me.

The doctor had worked miracles yesterday morning and by the afternoon I was more like my usual self, still a bit short on sleep, thus this night time post, having woken up frozen up.

Rook at the feeders, very few of the colony dare to do this but a good few are in the Rosa behind the feeders tearing off sticks.

More rook stuff on the Parliament blog.

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