Saturday, 31 August 2013

Bit of a blow

Well it blew, and is still blowing but not enough, although it's stronger now, and still getting into the north, maybe it will but maybe..... However, Pt of Buckquoy produced 11 Soots, 50 Manx (that's quite a high total here), 5,240 Fulmar, 14 Bonx, in 2.5 hours this morn. I discovered a new seawatching hazard as well as towards the end of the watch a tourist coach drew up and disgorged its contents into the carpark, and blow me, half of them stood not a few feet from me, between me and the sea. Doh! Slightly bad-tempered badseawatcher decided that enough was enough and fortunately the water was just low enough to allow a wade across to the Brough. Peace. And one more Soot and 9 more Manx, although it took a while to get into the groove as viewing is, maybe better, but higher so finding "the line" is trickier. No migrants on The Brough but watching the seabirds was interesting. The Gannets head up the west side and then on the whole just keep going out, whilst most of the Fulmars turn the corner and head south. I saw one Manx take a left as well.

On the way home I found a smelly friend by the side of the road. it looked as if this Fulmar had hit the fence. It was covered in its own puke which hadn't done it any good but it seemed in generally good nick. An attempt at a launch down at Harray Loch did not go too well though and when it started to sink I decided it would have to come home and join the menagerie. Ellen and I constructed a Fulmar palace in the garden but it has so far refused our best fish cat food. Will try a launch at The Brough tomorrow maybe.

In the afternoon thre were large wheatears at both The Shunan and on the Howaback road, no doubt with these winds of Greenland origin. A Pink-foot continues to hang out with the local greylags and a Kestrel showed a couple of times.

 Near Howaback, well not that near. mollie sent me to find the pony's boot that it had shed, a mile or so later.... but I did come across this.

Recent view from the garden, Thursday p.m. I think

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