Monday, 5 May 2014


Awkward little sods.

I've created a new page here:

The page has photographs of redpolls seen across Orkney with tentative (and not so tentative) IDs.

The page is under development, comments are welcome. If you would like to make a contribution to the page please email me (badseawatcher at


unclefish said...

Yes Alastair, I believe so. The 2nd bird has plenty of appeal for islandica/rostrata. I think 2 from 2 is pretty damn good for Redpolls!!

Alastair said...

This is a bit of a draft post, noticed a few typos. Will get refined and improved gradually. Probably move it to its own page and with luck be able to add other folks' pix as well.

Bit of a miss earlier today when the two species posed next to each other on the feeder, was not ready with the camera and when I got it the cabaret had flown, the size difference was really striking.