Sunday, 4 January 2015

Palace kick off!

No not footie it's the Patchwork Challenge. Site 2 and a good start with a Glaucous Gull, some Snow Buntings and sometimes awkward to find there Robin.

Rubbish pix

Back at the ranch, playing with the GoPro I found one of our Robins is ringed. Now hopefully within the 6,000 or so photos there are enough to get the whole ring sequence...

075 so far...

Not much birding today. Some bathroom decorating time as the weather was pretty rubbish a.m. Things improved in the afternoon and spent a casual two hours wandering around the nearby fields and looking in the garden. Kestrel was a good bird, sometimes hard to get here and the Rooks and Jackdaws came in to the roost but then left, not sure if they have returned.

 Afternoon light


Patchwork Challenge species:

Old Nisthouse - 44, Foot It - 40

Palace, Birsay - 34

 Moon spoiling the aurora fun tonight...


Nick Carter said...

Bird race day today, our team won, 81 spp. Not sure how we've done at a county level as there's a new handicap system in place, can't have done badly though. Great fun and the Filey teams have raised around £300 alone so a good day all round.

Alastair said...

Sounds like fun, our bird race is in March.