Thursday, 23 April 2015

Tree Spug, White Wags and Blackwits

The Blackwit "flock" on The Shunan has been 2 for a couple of days now. No sign today of yesterday's Tree Spug, and the Goldfinch hasn't been seen for two days now.

Bit grainy in the early evening fog

There are three fields in this condition around the house, this one above The Shunan. Currently these fields have attracted Wheatear, Pink, foot and the pile of wagtails. Hope rising of a Dotterel (which would be a patch tick).

Six alba wags yesterday including one a.alba. Today there were 11 at least including three a.alba.

White Wag

Pied Wagtail, looks like a 2cy f but I'm ready to stand corrected (I haven't looked it up).

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