Sunday, 7 June 2015

Little Stint and other waders

A wadery day at Palace. Actually I was supposed to be elsewhere but work has been a bit of a hassle of late so I needed some space (sorry folks). Anyway a surprise was in store as Palace beach was heaving with waders, just my favourite scenario. There were about 85 Sanderling, a record for this patch, 45 Dunlin (maybe another record), 45 Ringed Plovers and a cracking Little Stint that I finally wheedled out of the masses.

I love the "Ah! What's this?" moment.

A slight concern at this time of year, actually especially this year, is that it is a Little Stint and not some more exotic Yank thing (like Semi-P). But here the rufous face and rufous scapulars are helpful, also the pale wash into the primaries might be diagnostic?

Dark legs rule out Least and Long-toed (it doesn't look anything like Temminck's either). Size rules out all but Red-necked, Semi-P and Western.

It's nice and bright, has a nice pale V on the back and the bill is short and fine. That's about it then, pretty much has to be Little Stint. Is the primary projection a tad of a concern in this pic tho?

Can't see any toe palmations.

Primary projection looks ok here. Little Stint in summer plumage, smart!

Here are some other waders from the morn...


 Dunlin and Sanderling


 ... and another

 ...and when they're this colour just make sure they are big and chunky with a nice thick bill!!


Got stroppy with me, I was too near the chicks I reckon.

 We've got the garden going at last, just starting to take the purple sprouting broccoli out now, a couple of meals or so left.

 Bosquoy today

Crap pic but you can see some of the chicks hitching a ride.

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