Sunday, 27 September 2015


Saturday and much of Sunday morning were spent on Papay, and I could have flown on to North Ron (well I did go there but I didn't get out) as there was room on the late afternoon flight back. However, thrashing around the island for the harrier didn't appeal, and I really wanted to have a go at my trees and see if there was a Y-bW at home (there wasn't and there still isn't (Monday).

Photos from Papay later. No surprises though, just two or maybe three Yellow-browed Warblers. Birding was hard work, not that many birds around.

Back at home the kitchen rocket was pulling them in with 10+ Eristalis pertinax, Helophilus pendulus, Syrphus sp a plenty, Eristalis arbustorum (likely) and a wee beastie that is now in a bottle. No time to put the moth trap out - maybe tomorrow.

The following photos are of Eristalis arbustorum on Ragwort at Loch of Bosquoy yesterday, there were two individuals on the plant.

Note, no face stripe, hind metatarsus as thick as tibia, mid tibia dark in distal third at least, and I think I can just about make out plumose arista on the original photos if not on these lower resoulution images.

The barley has finally been harvested and there were  2,000 Common Gulls, 100s of Rooks and Starlings and a few Woodpigeons cashing in. Good numbers of Lapwing and Peregrine, Merlin, Kestrel, Sparrowhawk and a smart male Hen Harrier all put in an appearance.

Couple of ID problems from Loch of Bosquoy and from home...

Thanks to Lee Johnson for the id Anthocoris nemorum

 Thanks to several folk who pointed me towards Ruby Tiger, I think that is correct.

Both the above have been sent to the appropriate recorder for checking.


AndyC said...

dont think its Ruby Tiger......will av a look closer later

Alastair said...

Thanks Andy, your opinion would be valued. White Ermine has been suggested but I think the hairs are more in tufts with that species and this was just dense hair. I would have thought the orange prolegs would have helped but I can't find an image showing those.

Have you had a look at the moth that it is being suggested is Square Spot Rustic below, I'd value your opinion on that one too.

Thanks again.