Saturday, 23 July 2016

Poor, neglected blog

I haven't posted anything for ages, I will try to back-fill from here...

Smart but nasty! I originally identified this as Notch-horned Cleg, Haematopota pluvialis, but it has been pointed out to me that the similar Black-horned Cleg, H.crassicornis has been recorded here, or is at least possible. I need to look at all the photos now and see if I have one from the right angle to see the notch!

I think this photo shows the notch...

Yesterday I saw the first two Udea lutealis of the year, the first one was conveniently in the garden.

Decorating for the last few days, I managed to get a splinter in my finger.

It was straight down under the nail and broke off, ouch! The dissection kit for insects came in handy!

The day before I pulled this out of the MV trap.

Not great pix, I have it in the fridge and will try to get better ones but it is Palloptera quinquemaculata (confirmed ID) which until recently had not been recorded from Orkney.
Palace this evening and there were quite a few waders at low tide at the burn mouth, 15 Sanderling, 25 Dunlin, a Turnstone, some Ringed Plover, good numbers of Redshank. Only the second Arctic Skua of the year flushed everything briefly.

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