Wednesday, 26 July 2017


Home from the Arran hols and mothing straight away. (A decision to post on here what may, a month is a long break.) This is a bit of a disjointed post already.

 Some for a crumble and some for the freezer.

Herbs and salad, the herbs went into herb baps to go with lasagne.

Quite likely a Brown Plume, getting it checked.

A favourite of mine, Gothic.

Eucosma campoliliana, a smart wee micro.

Arran was excellent for insects, quite a few NFM moths, hopefully I will get around to posting some things on here. Great views of Badger, Otter and Red Squirrel - one Pine Marten on the Scottish mainland, sadly a road casualty, I must make the effort to see a live one. A Weasel whilst we were broken down for nearly three hours on the way north again (many thanks to the technician from Stag Garage who finally got to us, via a traffic accident down the road, and provided a patch up which just about survived all the way home) and a brilliantly acrobatic pod of Common Dolphin by the Old Man of Hoy as we finally got here again.

All sorts of Arran photos to post, perhaps I'll make an Arran page....

 From the garden this evening.


AndyC said...

Plume moth is very smart............

Alastair said...

Hoards of them here a few weeks ago, Hoary Plume then, this and another recently could be Brown.