Saturday, 20 January 2018

Long time, no post

Busy time New Year, especially this time as it was someone's important birthday.

Skaill Beach

This was just down the beach.

In the next few days there were a few good birds including a Green-winged Teal and Iceland Gull.

Tame and smart Herring Gull at Stromness

I had a few visits to Stromness to try and see the Kingfisher there, unsuccessfully. Other bits and pieces but no Kingfisher. 

Buzzard P hanging around this month.

Dead Mute chick, cuse unknown

 The Shunan

 Loch of Harray, Howaback

Loch of Bosquoy

 Sleepy hound.

I cannot understand why someone would do this, sharpen the plough? Practice straight lines?

Winter Moth, first insect ID of the year.

Glaucous at the PDC - shopping expedition.

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