Friday, 16 November 2018

Night roaming

I caught a new moth, Mottled Umber. I'd not seen this species before but most likely because I rarely trap this late in the year and it is rarely this warm and still.

 I love the little, sinister face on the thorax.

Mottled Umber

Now I know this species is here it is worth looking for the flightless females. So out I went with torches and macro camera, looking on the Sycamore boughs in the evening just after dark. I found lots of slugs, Tree Slug  Lehmannia marginata, and Green Cellar Slug Limacus maculatus.

Limacus maculatus

Arion sp

And I also found this which is not meant to be here... Oligolophus hanseni (not found in Orkney before) . But possibly here because years ago my neighbour imported conifers from Aberdeen - further investigation required.

Note the dark hair on the central member of the trident, one of the key features.

Another new species for me found at the weekend was this cranefly Tipula pagana, the females are easily identified as they have these reduced wings.

Finally the night time hunting produced this minute and beautiful mushroom, Mycena sp

 Mycena sp

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