Friday, 24 April 2009

The Guardian

I'm very fond of The Guardian newspaper and have been reading it for many years, even when we lived in Kathmandu we subscribed to the weekly version. Whilst it is full of serious news, which I tend to get via Radio 4, it is the more light hearted elements of the newspaper that generally give me the most pleasure. The Kakuro and Quick Crossword in G2 are often my first port of call on return from work. This much to Louise's annoyance as I become incommunicado for some considerable period of time, depending on the difficulty of the puzzles or my perseverence on that particular evening. On Thursdays the IT supplement is always of interest, on Friday the music and cinema reviews, on Tuesday I usually have at least a glance at Education, although it isn't the strongest 'extra bit'. I don't like the Saturday magazine, full of consumerist crap mostly, but I do like the Saturday Guide which is full of quirky bits and bats - like Trek Yourself

On a more serious note the obituaries are often fascinating. I also like the Sports pages, not because I especially like sport but because its world is weird and unfathomable. I am fascinated by the rise and fall of football clubs, the management and the money and how their fortunes ebb and flo.

The best read is usually in G2. Most annoying are the hopeless wildlife posters and other Free rubbish - although the countries of the world supplement this week is quite good, still has mistakes in it though.

Now I think there is going to be a problem with our move because The Guardian is often hard to get hold of in Scotland, I suspect that it is not generally available on Orkney. I don't really want to go back to the weekly version so some investigation will need to take place in order to continue to obtain it - or maybe The Scotsman will replace it ....

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