Saturday 8 June 2019

Beetles and other beasts

Had a bit of success with digiscoping today at Skiba Geo.

And some careful looking,  sweep netting and bush bashing also provided some nice beasts.

 Ctenicera cuprea

 Eggs of Gastrophysa viridula

 Gastrophysa viridula - female with the male legging it.

 Cocksfoot Moth, there are millions of these around at the moment.

Phyllobius viridicollis

and this one is most likely Phyllobius pomaceus.

The last two beetles are pretty decent records I think. Plenty more stuff awaiting id of course, and I've got two actinics out, despite the forecast for rain. I've been getting in to craneflies and caddis recently both tricky... but excellent help available. Currently awaiting judgement on what might be a really good cranefly record, we shall see.