Thursday, 16 April 2009

Slowly moving along

Slowly things are falling into place. The sea fret has changed to a moor fret and dampened my enthusiasm for any birding, in any case organisational things have had to be done. A wander down to the sea today with the family found little to excite with few birds around.

Some links have been added to the side panel of this blog and I've done a bit of "design". The intention is to gradually develop the blog with an occasional post until it 'takes over' in August.

A quick browse through the links indicates that the south-easterly winds have brought a few birds to the north. I'm beginning to feel a certain impatience but will have to contain myself and enjoy my remaining months in Yorkshire.

A small celebration with a film - Bombon, El Perro, a film by Carlos Sorin an Argentinian film maker. The film was made without actors and by filming many, many takes in chronological order, then editing the whole thing into a story. That it works so successfully, creating a poignant, entertaining and touching narrative says something for his vision. The story has a resonance for today's Britain, with ordinary people requiring fortutude and endurance.

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