Thursday, 30 July 2009


We went to mima (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art) today. I quickly grabbed an opportunity to add a picture to my Birds and Galleries series by snapping this Moorhen on the pond outside the gallery. The Moorhens had bred and had one chick. Other species present were House Sparrow and many and various assorted Mallard type quackers + the ubiquitous Herring Gull (in my experience always present at art galleries) which I narrowly missed snapping.

Some very impressive art including "Possibilities and Losses: transitions in clay" a multi-artist installation which was scary and thought provocking (click here). Firstly a huge, precipitous mountain of crockery and secondly a dual video installation documenting the skill of those working in the pot industry paralleled with the destruction of the factory where they had worked. If you are near the Tees well worth a visit.

The fountain outside is spectacular fun as well.

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