Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Lovely evening trundle around

Went up to Whitaloo Point yesterday evening to have a mooch about, then drove down to The Brough. I'm still trying to figure out the seawatching thing. No seawatching yesterday as there was no wind. A Sand Martin flew through the Brough.

On to The Loons where there were again Swallows gathering. This time I drove around to the other side where I was a little closer to the roost, I could see birds dropping in to the reeds. Approximately 1,000 birds present.

Managed to identify some of the moths caught the other evening, a Gothic was the most interesting.

This morning I had to nip back to the house to grab some music for my assembly, having been up at work early to do a radio interview. On the way a Peregrine flew through the village. There are plenty of Golden Plover hanging around the village, 200 or so. House Martins may have fledged as a family party or two were hunting over the houses. During the day 30 or so Swallows flew through, buzzing around work for about 5 minutes.

The wind is now a healthy SE, surely a good bird must be here somewhere....


Nick Carter said...

Radio interview? Wow a local celebrity already!

David Wedgwood Perry said...

Glad to see you are getting settled in then.

Alastair said...

Yes settled in and a very, very
minor celebrity. Realising that
this is quite a small place
(with a big spirit). No rares but
The birding is of consistent
quality, do miss my Yellowhammers
a bit though.