Thursday, 13 August 2009

Marwick Bay and the Loons

The earlier post for today, Deerness, refers to yesterday as the enail
refused to work until this evening, until I'd rebooted the BBerry.

Minke Whales were still present this evening off Marwick Bay (I saw
6-8 on Monday evening). But no Manxies this time. Fulmars were going
south at 540 an hour and 38 Bonxies went south in the same time, this
was very different from Monday when any movement appeared to be
northward. At The Loons there were two Hen Harriers ( a juv & an adult
female) a Short-eared Owl and a huge flock of Swallows, conservatively
estimated at about 1500. This morning there had been Meadow Pipits
around the house for the first time and there have been at least 10
House Martins around and about with more seen across Mainland as I
drove too and fro to Kirkwall for a meeting.

One of those strange people things happened today as I found one of
the six people on the same table in the meeting as me knows one of my
oldest friends. I always find that kind of thing slightly odd.

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Nick Carter said...

A bit like us meeting a good friend of yours at the next table in a bar in Kathmandu, last seen at your 40th birthday bash!

Glad things are going well up there, I guess you will be really busy just now but please keep the updates coming.

David Perry said...

Oh! Not much to see up their then?