Sunday, 16 August 2009

Seawatching traumas

It blew from the north yesterday late afternoon so my thinking, based
on Yorkshire experience, was to go seawatching this morning, that
might have been a mistake as skuas were pouring south past Costa into
Eynehallow Sound yesterday pm - rats.

Now this morning a good old westerly was blowing so I thought I'd try
the north side of Marwick Head; bad plan. Too high and too near The
Brough of Birsay which was deflecting some considerable numbers of
birds that were cutting in but not soon enough, nonetheless 1800
Fulmars an hour were heading south.Having marched up and down the head
I marched back down again and drove south to the bay. Found myself a
nice spot south of the car park and braved the elements. I was
rewarded with a Sooty, 7 Manx (one of which tickled my toes) huge
numbers of Fulmars ( or two hundred very frantic ones flying in
circles) c1700 hour south and c600 hour north. A steady trickle of
kittiwakes south (60 an hour, half juvs, juvs flying closer inshore
than ads interestigly) Bonxies every which way and two likely
phalaropes which were just too far away to be sure of. At least next
time I'll know where to watch from and when the north wind blows I'll
go seawatching immediately (work and family permitting).

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