Sunday, 23 August 2009

Vis mig

Went to the Shunan yesterday evening, 7 Blackwits which flew off and a likely Wood Sand (not included in the log) that I heard briefly. Also there 10 Dunlin and a pile of Teal.

Too puffed out for mothing unfortunately.

Early a.m. headed to Marwick Bay with the car as a suitable mobile hide. The most interesting and slightly amazing aspect was the Mepit vismig, bearing in mind it was pouring with rain. 176 came in/off in the first two hours with a further 30 in the third hour. Also strongly suspect a coasting movement of Pied/White Wags as different birds kept appearing in front of me and their calls were constant. Several of the juvs looked very clean flanked and pale backed, also sharp calls heard, but I don't like iding these in the autumn ( I find the rump feature not easy to see either).

On the sea the Fulmars were going like mad, southerly movement got up to 1100 an hour at the same time as 700 an hour were going north. I suspect these must just be feeding movements as there are no blues amongst them although south does seem to be consistently out numbering northerly moving iindividuals. 66 Bonxies in the three hours also, again mostly south (50 to 16). Also seen one Arctic Skua and two Tystie as well as 5 Knot that came in/off.


Dave Barker said...

Interesting stuff Alastair, you are obviously in the front line for vis up there now. Down here in W Yorks, mipits have been congregating for a while and now moving quite well over the last week. Could your mipits be arrivals from Iceland?... would be very interested to know the timing of Iceland mipit arrivals on Orkney if there is anyone up there that knows?... or if you see more coming in.

No albas of any denomination moving over the moors down here yet though....

Will watch your pages with great interest!

I did mail you a few days ago about the coordinated vis...if you are interested, hope your email address is the same.

Best Wishes

bitterbonxie said...

Funny you should mention Mipit migration - I was out on the golf course here yesterday, and noticed a few small flocks of 10+ apiece.

Coming your way sometime soon!