Saturday, 12 September 2009

Let' go ... Seawatching

The weather didn't turn out how I expected, fiercish westerly driving
rain; no brainer then Birsay it was. I prefer the comfort of the
mobile hide in the car park to the rather exposed Whitaloo, also
because I reckon it looks a better bet geographically. At least today
that decision worked out well with very good views of a close Leach's,
11 Soots and various other bits and bats. After 3 hours retreated for
some grub. Bread had developed green spots so had to make scones.
Following a few hours work a return seemed a plan. Waders were flushed
off the beach by hardy walkers but 1140 Goldies were close enough for
a serious grilling, again no littler cousins. Back again to the sea
another Leach's showed briefly, two annoyingly awkward sub adult
skuas defied Id but LTS was a strong possibility for each. Another
fine Leach's showed superbly before time was called.

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