Friday, 25 September 2009

Yellow-billed Cuckoo

Edit - Ooops the post was not intended for here, never mind it gives quite good directions to the bird. Hope it is still there this very morn. - The report on News is a little misleading the cuckoo has gone to roost in the ditch on the landward side of the Gloup on Deerness. The Gloup
is not a quarry that might mislead folk to looking in the quarry to
the west . Park in the Gloup car park and walk down the path to the
sea and the Gloup with care. The bird is in the nettle clump in the
ditch about 20m inland from the first viewing bridge on the Gloup.
Earlier the bird was actively feeding in the Gloup care required there
is no fence and it's a bit of a drop :-)

Still can't post pix I'm afraid, a shame as the bird virtually landed on my foot and despite the poor light got a few (slightly blurry) but good enough images. What a mega beast!!!

The pic is here

The bird went to roost opposite the banana - now there's a clue

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Nick Carter said...

YB Cuckoo, Sandhill Crane, RC Starling, just like being back in Halifax :)