Monday, 26 October 2009

More moving in

The other major debacle of the moving in scenario was the do with Granny's sofa. Granny's sofa would not go through the door to the room where we wanted it to live. Much huffing and puffing and pushing and shoving proved ineffective. After some discussion it was decided that without the legs it might be persuaded to enter the room. However, unlike modern sofas Granny's sofa's legs are integral, inseparable from the whole; well they were. A swift rummage amongst the luggage and the fret saw was found and the legs were carefully amputated. Right sofa, through the door you go, er, not.

Granny's sofa now resides in the kitchen where if you sit on it it wobbles, a wobbly sofa.

Granny's legless sofa

Louise was despatched to the local hardware store today where various glues and other mending items were purchased or borrowed, restoration is likely to be a trickier feat than amputation, methinks.

No birds today, lovely weather but work insisted. Common Gulls and two Herring Gulls on the school field were all I could manage. Louise reported that the local House Sparrow population has discovered the garden feeders, Pine Grosbeak, get thee hither.

Pinkies from Saturday


bitterbonxie said...

hehe, these old northern isles houses weren't built with grandparents' sooth sofas in mind!

When we moved up, my grandparents' 3 piece suite came with us. A magnificently comfortable construction with a hardwood and iron frame, and stuffed with horsehair, it's immensely heavy and bulky. Needless to say the sofa (which needs 4 men to carry it) in particular was a sticking point. Mainly in the doorways...

We ended up smashing through a wall to get it into the sitting room. The wall is rebuilt, and the sofa will never leave again!


Alastair said...

Smashing a wall down would be an extreme solution in our view, rather shames the leg amputation though, need to up my game, maybe