Sunday, 25 October 2009

Moving in

Have moved in to the new (old) house. Family had rather grim crossing
with much wailing and failing to maintain contents of stomach.
Huge piles of boxes all around the house and much muttering of where
is this and that. Opened the kidney beans ingredient for supper with a
hammer and chisel.

Piles of Redwing and Fieldfare around the house and down by The Shunan
with a good scattering of Blackbirds - 6 on the back lawn on a couple
of occasions.

500 Pinkies over the house on a couple of mornings and a quick nip to
Birsay produced a gang of Purps. However birding very limited due to

Worst moment on waking this morning to damp feet, calling Louise to
discover one of the cats had just peed on the bed, cat now a ginger
hat and cosy pair of gloves. (Note to humourless critter rights crew,
that was a joke.)

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