Tuesday, 13 October 2009

We're with pix again

Being temporarily back in Yorkshire I can post pictures again. This unfortunate glitch will soon be sorted out northwards as well, Zen and BT permitting. I'll add the pictures to the old posts I think. The only pictures I don't seem to have brought along with me are the Y-b Warbler and the weird acredula with orange legs and feet.

Nipped down to Filey for sentimental reasons on Sunday and managed to glimpse a Firecrest, a species I haven't seen for a while. Whilst looking for (mostly) and at the Firecrest I was pretty sure I could hear Y-bWarbler calling, but slightly confusing Goldfinch whittering was going on all the time so I might have been mistaken.

A couple of Dunlin on the beach were very tame (click pic for BIG)

Filey Brigg and a certain young person wearing a coat which currently continues to reside in Filey ggggrrrrrrr

On returning from Filey N&S turned up at the house bearing a curry. This was gratefully devoured with accompanying beers and wines. We then ventured outside in the dark to admire the new mobile bird observatory. Looks like somebody's self-found list is likely to accelerate in the not so distant future.


Nick Carter said...

I think it needs to get off the ground before it can accelerate but here's hoping!

Alastair said...

I reckon if you counted up you'd be surprised, Nick.