Saturday, 28 November 2009

To Stromness

Across the Sound to Hoy

The PDC held the usual numbers of Long-tailed Ducks (23) and Goldeneye (c20) with 110 Tufted but nothing more interesting amongst the quackers or amongst the gulls.

Strangely I hadn't visited Stromness other than for work reasons since moving here in August. Today we decided to have a bit of a browse around the shops after the usual Saturday netball. However, before the shops we went out on to the beach at Warebeth and wandered around to the end of the cemetery. There was a GND and a Long-tailed Duck in the bay but the Sound of Hoy was a revelation with 439 Shags (minimum) feeding there, plus a Red-throated Diver. Add the 50 or so Shags on the rocks at Warebeth, plenty of commuting between there and the Sound, and 500 would be a conservative total.

Rotting Kelp

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