Sunday, 13 December 2009

Counted ...

Car Ness and Tankerness plus the airport road to St Andrew's School was my patch and a very entertaining day it was too. Highlights included Alan's Goldfinches 9+1 were an Orkney tick as they flew off the roost; a Canada Goose,a big one, (again an Orkney tick for me and the only time ever that I have described a Canada Goose as a highlight - a small one next time please) on Car Ness at Castlegreen. A Red-necked Grebe off Weethick Point consorting with one of only two Slavs (also 3 GNDs, a R-tD and a possible B-tD there with huge numbers of waders on the fields and 4 Shelduck). A cracking male Merlin sat on a post in front of the car at Crofty, Tankerness. Over 600 Pinkies proved very hard to count on Tankerness as they kept getting up and mixing up and two Hen Harriers and two Sparrowhawks were very welcome. Oh, and it was sunny and calm and altogether a very pleasant day, hope it clears again for the meteors tonight.

How many FGFiaF? 7,092

Then on to Kirkwall for Xmas shopping delight, picking up bird food and supermarket. Got home, tried to replace bulbs with energy savers and managed to fuse all the lights at one end of the house and I can't seem to find where the fuse is to mend them, ooops.

Sorry still no photos, just not taking any at the moment for some reason.

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