Saturday, 12 December 2009

Fat, grey friends in a field ...

It's counting day again tomorrow so I shall be venturing east as that is where I'm lined up to count.

Today I didn't go birding but there were still up to 6 Blackbirds around the garden plus a Dunnock and a Robin. The latest addition to the in the garden list is Raven which made airspace hotly pursued by two Rooks. Unfortunately Great Black-backed Gull missed airspace by about 50 metres, similar to last weekend's Peregrine. There were most likely more than the 95 Curlew in the field two below the house, the majority concentrated near the wall so some were hidden, couple of Oystercatchers there as well. These counted just prior to lunch in the garden, it wasn't exactly balmy but sunny, still and very pleasant indeed.

The triumph of the day was finally mending Grannie's sofa, I've put the legs back on which I sawed off in a unsuccessful attempt to get it through the doorway into what was the old buttery. Grannie's sofa now lives quite contentedly in the kitchen where we've all got used to it living, indeed today's Raven was spotted from its worn but comfortable embrace.

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