Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Feeder success

The new feeders at work are a great success, too much of a success as they need filling up every day now. Greenfinch today and House Sparrow numbers are up to 5 or 6. A decent flock of Fieldfare today (27) with 4 Redwing (no these were not at the feeders).

So as not to be consigned permanently to the musical dinosaur category I'm replacing all that blues (at the bottom of the panel) with something a bit more modern if not much more upbeat. Owen Ashworth (Casiotone for the Painfully Alone) has a new album out and his back catalogue is also well worth a nosey. White Corolla is one of my favourite pieces of music and this live version (last piece) is nearly, but not quite, the equal of my preferred recording available through Daytrotter; unfortunately the released version has a voice that is synthesised or someone else or ... I don't know, maybe just because I heard the Daytrotter recording first I like it best. http://www.daytrotter.com/dt/casiotone-for-the-painfully-alone-concert/20030218-111136.html


Don't miss his very cool website at: http://cftpa.org/ (click the cat).

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