Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sno oh

Went nowhere yesterday, it was cold and nasty. The electrician came first thing to fit the fixed lights, basically they'd suffered some meltdown. In the garden a 100% increase in Dunnock = 2 was welcome and Kestrel made the from the garden list.

More snow today but I felt more into it as the wind had dropped. Redwing in the garden and several hundred Starlings. Ravens mooched about and flew through. I went down to Loch Skaill round lunchtime and somehow managed not to see the Swew which had been reported 30 mins earlier. However, there were 29 Barnys, 16 Whoopers, a Slav Grebe and a Scaup. A Hen Harrier flew through, low over the water.

Best though were the gulls which required some serious scrutiny, this being a northerly air flow n all. The largest mob were cashing in on cattle fodder just north of the loch. No joy with the white wing'ed but worth a go, one will turn up here. No time to look at the cetacean corpse at Birsay .... oh pigeon gull come my way.

Nice little flock of Skylark mostly eating something on the road.


Nick Carter said...

Plenty of snow here today, no way out for us, at least not safely! I'm sure it won't be long before you are tickling an Ivory.

Alastair said...

It's finding the blubber scoffer before someone else gets to it that'll be the challenge ....