Thursday, 10 December 2009

Winter Moths again

Three Winter Moths by one particular window. We have a tungsten bulb at this window and they come to that but I've not found them on the windows where a fluorescent tube is burning. High on my Christmas list is a decent moth trap. I'm going for actinic, rather than MV. Anyone have any views on the difference in catch between the two types of light?


Nick Carter said...

We've got an actinic as you know, I'm not sure if its down to our location or the trap itself but we don't usually do as well as other "moth-ers" in Calderdale. Having said that I think Martyn (Hayes) has both and often says how he does better with the Actinic.

Alastair said...

I'm going for actinic because they seem less susceptible to the weather and use less power. I've go a blended MV (doesn't need a choke) but understand those are less effective than pure MV. Bit concerned about the heat and the rapidly changing weather here might make an MV more vulnerable - putting a cafetiere over the top is a solution to preventing rain getting on the bulb I know. However, I couldn't find any info on a comparison between the two sorts of light. I thought pure MV was the most effective. I guess if I find the actinic isn't good enough I can always buy the electrics to put an MV on the trap (its designed to take both).

Stewart said...

Alastair, I have done a bit on this recently having just bought a Robinson 125w MV. Actinics can be as good sometimes as MVs but usually attract and catch up to 40% less. They cause less disturbance of course and they sometimes attract different species than MVs but all in all the MV bulbs seem to out perform all others.

I'll link your new blog.

Cheers, Stewart.

Nick Carter said...

I remember someone once telling me that actinics have a smaller "catching range" than MVs? ie the attraction of the light doesn't go that as deep into the dark (does that make sense?)