Sunday, 31 January 2010

Garden Birdwatch

Fieldfare, small numbers scattered widely currently

Went out fairly early for a tootle round in the snow and when I got back the family had done the Garden Birdwatch. The total included Greenfinch, 2nd record for the garden, and two males were around the feeders. They also recorded Hoodie which rarely lands in the garden, Louise had cunningly put bait down the end by the wall and that lured Common Gulls to land also. The one that didn't count as it was outside the hour was the male Sparrowhawk that hurtled through after the sparrows late morning (no doubt the one you saw yesterday Julian).

My tour around was fairly productive, a mass of gulls and Guillemots flying on and off the cliffs at Marwick, plus excellent views of two or maybe three Hen Harriers. Fulmars and Gannets off both Marwick and Birsay, with about 100 Purple Sands at Birsay. Loch of Skaill held 23 Whooper Swans, some of which were quite confiding. The Loons finally gave up the Greenland Whitefronts with 52 counted and another male Hen Harrier.

Late in the afternoon we all went to Bay of Skaill where there were plenty of gulls, unfortunately, as in the morning, none were white winged.

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